VILLAGE WALK SOUTH BOARD MEETING MINUTES OCTOBER 17, 2006 1. ROLL CALL Christine Dean Erica Getz Sue Jordan-absent Verity Minahan Mary Webster Greg White-absent Debi Coburn Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm Mary Webster discussed holding meetings every other month. The meeting today is to bring the preliminary proposed 2007 budget to the board. She will open the meeting up to homeowners after the budget discussion. The homeowners will have a chance to ask budget questions at that time. Homeowners will be able to speak on other issues at the end of the meeting. 2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Motion: to accept the September 19, 2006 minutes Motion: Seconded and passed unanimously 3. PRESIDENT’S REPORT - Mary Webster A. Debi Coburn introduced the maintenance man, Bob. Residents should contact Debi Coburn with issues and she will contact Bob to address them. B. Towing Sign - is in place at the front entrance, where by law it has to be. The number of violations has decreased since the sign went up. Debra Coburn is the first person to be contacted by a homeowner in regard to a parking problem. Debra will then call on Eric Kollman (homeowner) or Bob, the maintenance man to handle this. Examples of parking violations are: Parking on the grass, Repeated parking in guest parking spots, Overnight parking on the street, Parking in a no parking zone and Parking on the street in the wrong direction if it is considered hazardous. C. Landscaping - Randy Thornton, landscaper, is no longer with VWS. Four bids have been taken for services which range from $3,500 to $7,500. D. Update on Sixth Manor - the engineering firm of MBV will be contracted for $3,500 to assess the area and file a report. Work will start immediately. The engineers will be siting the elevation of homes and roadways. Debi Coburn will work with the residents and engineers to schedule dates for survey. The engineers will have proper ID on them. This will be Phase I. E. Entrance Gates - after investigation it was found that the original wiring was installed per code, but was not placed in any conduit. The entrance gate malfunctioned and can only be repaired with underground drilling at a cost of almost $4,000. The wire runs from the back of the club house to the entrance island. A company would have to bring in a ground boring machine to get to the short in the wiring. The addition of a pedestrian gate control for residents to exit VWS would be an additional $600 to $1,000. To date, $5,000 has already been spent on the gates. Only $600 had been budgeted for them in 2006. Cost issues will be addressed during the budget discussion. F. The communication committee - made up of volunteers Bonnie Corley, Judy Bishoff and Sandra Fontana is not a board committee, but was established on an as-needed basis at the last meeting. Their report will come under “other business”. G. Budget - all costs are rising from the current year. Landscaping costs will almost double, pest control cost is up, sod replacement and the irrigation costs to fix the existing system will go up. Residents should be prepared for an increase in the monthly assessment fees. The board will vote on the 2007 budget at the Dec. 5^th , 2006 meeting at which time homeowners will have an opportunity for comment. 4. MANAGER’S REPORT - Debra Coburn A. Screens - Central Window has screens on site for VWS residents who do not already have screens, to pick up. There would be no charge. They will hold the screens until Dec. 31, 2006, after which time there will be a charge. Debi Coburn will check with residents to help assist in this effort. B. Towing - covered in President’s Report C. Pool - the heater is currently turned off as it was running constantly to maintain a temperature at a costly price. To update the pool heater to work more cost efficiently and have better temperature control would take a digital thermometer and timer at a cost of approximately $1,235. There would be about one week turnaround time for purchase and installation. The law states that the pool heater must be on 3 hours prior to someone using it. D. Mulching - two bids have been received to mulch the entire development. One is for $14,735 and the other is for $15,641. The 2006 mulching budget was $12,000 of which part of this was used for the drainage problem expenses. E. Landscaping - four bids have been received: 1)$1,735 for mowing as needed, without irrigation work; 2)$4,350 monthly landscaping, with irrigation work; 3)$4,875 landscaping, without irrigation work; and 4)$7,500 without irrigation work. Recommends accepting the bid that includes the irrigation work. F. Drainage Problem - Debra recommends the construction attorney, Kirby Kenney, to pursue legal action against the faulty party. The surveyor hired will report on the elevations and the engineers hired will determine who is at fault. The surveying proposal needs the VWS president’s signature. Mary Webster will sign this to expedite the work. G. Construction attorney’s have agreed to represent VWS upon completion of the survey. H. Gates - $4,778 has been spent to-date on the gates for repairs. The proposal to repair the electric problem at entry gate is $3,880. More costs would be incurred. The 2007 budget will reflect $6,000 for the gates. I. Signs - street signs and stop signs will be repaired within the next week. Delay occurred because the poles were not properly installed and needed to be corrected. Mary Webster requested more Tow-Away signs. J. Streetlights - lights should all be replaced by Wednesday, Oct. 18^th . K. Pool Deck - pressure cleaning of the clubhouse, pool deck and umbrellas are scheduled for Friday, Oct. 20^th . 5. TREASURER’S REPORT - Christine Dean Motion: to have a special assessment to repair the gates Motion: No Second, Motion died. Motion: to table discussion on gate costs until the Dec. 5^th meeting. Motion: seconded with discussion: Legally only capital improvements can be specially assessed. Homeowners should have input as to whether they want funds spent to repair gates. Cost figures for the entire project (electric repair, adding pedestrian button) are needed prior to the decision. Homeowner’s comments - Faye Sullivan: gates will always be an expense, we should forget the gates. Joy Colletti ?: I agree with Faye. Joanne Kollman: I also agree the gates are too expensive. Mary Peters: the gates give the impression of security and should be operational. Roberto Martin: all the extra expense is not worth having the gates. Christine Dean: we have to prioritize the issues right now and maybe revisit the gate issue later. Mary Webster stated that if the gates do not get up and running, the homeowners would be reimbursed for their remote controls. Motion: passed unanimously. A. 2006 Monthly budget report - over budget on all areas except miscellaneous expenses. Invoices are all paid to date with $3,500 committed to the engineering company. B. 2007 Proposed budget report - the 2007 budget reflects increases for better services. Debra Coburn discussed the budget categories. There is approximately a $3,000 savings in the administrative area due to Coburn and Co. doing more in-house work, plus the developer’s name is off the pool insurance policy. There is roughly a $12,000 increase in building operations due to the gate repairs, drainage issues and painting of existing buildings. The 2006 Budget Contingency Fund was originally set up for painting VWS buildings, however, engineering costs for the 6^th Manor drainage problems were charged to that fund. There is money budgeted for both mulching the entire development and planting mature trees. Irrigation maintenance costs will be absorbed into the landscaping contract if we accept that bid. The cost of heating the pool is approximately $1,000 per month with the current system. Terry Myers suggested abandoning the gate work to save money and use that money in other areas. Mary Webster said some homeowners have been mulching their own yards. Debra Coburn suggested mulching after the 6^th Manor project was complete, but to leave the money in the preliminary budget. Verity Minahan suggested the $6,600 in the irrigation maintenance line be included into the contingency fund in case it is needed for something else. Terry Myers stated we cannot afford $5,000 in tree plantings. Erica Getz suggested putting the $5,000 tree money into the contingency fund for expenses that may be needed for the 6^th Manor project. Motion: to table the mulching item on the budget until the Dec. 5^th meeting Motion: seconded and passed unanimously. There is a proposed increase of $17.25 per homeowner per month. Under the 2006 budget $140,760 was collected in assessment fees. In the 2007 proposed budget $161,874 will be collected. The 2007 proposed budget, including the contingency fund, is $168,108. No action was taken on the budget. Mary Webster asked if changes in the proposed budget could be done by Thanksgiving. Debi Coburn will revise the budget with additional information as to what is covered in each line item. She will provide this to the board prior to Thanksgiving (Nov. 23, 2006) 6. COMMITTEE REPORTS Nominating Committee: none Rules & Regulations Committee: none ARC Committee: The Kohlman’s have submitted a request to modify their gutters in an identical fashion as previously approved for another homeowner. Precedent was already set and was immediately approved. Judy Bischoff submitted a detailed drawing of landscaping changes to the common area between homes at her address. The design of the changes was deemed to be out of character for the development. Motion: that ARC deny the request to modify her landscape. Motion: seconded Balloting: Christine Dean - yea Erica Getz - yea Verity Minahan - yea Terry Myers - abstain Mary Webster - yea Motion: passed Debi Coburn will contact Judy Bischoff regarding the decision. Following the New Year, the ARC needs to consist of volunteers to deal with applications and making recommendations to the board. Dale, from Ornamental Accents, should be included as a consultant when landscaping requests are made. This will insure changes will not impact the irrigation system improvements. 7. OTHER BUSINESS A. Irene Austin is having an Open House this Sunday from 12-2 pm and wants to know if her signs will be left up so people will know which home to go to. Motion: to accept request to have signs up on Sunday, Oct. 22, from 12-2 pm Motion: seconded and passed unanimously. B. Communication Report: there were 35 respondents to the questionnaire that was sent out. Sandra Fontana and Debi Coburn will work on creating a list of how to best contact each homeowner. They recommend establishing a mailing fee for people who want a paper copy. The overall response to having a community social was very positive. The social date is set for Saturday, January 6^th , 2007. Sandra will talk to Stephen Guest about adding this information to the website and look for volunteers to help with the event. Sandra will provide an update at the Dec. 5 meeting. (Verity Minahan left the meeting due to illness) C. VWS Website: the cost to maintain this website is approximately $150 per year, the domain name is $25, and web hosting is about $10 per month. A volunteer would be needed to maintain this if Stephen Guest decided not to continue. This is a non-sanctioned website. Motion: to reimburse a person for maintaining the website up to $150 per year. Motion: no second and motion died. Discussion: many others in the community do things just because they need to be done, not because they are expecting payment. Stephen Guest took it upon himself to create the website using his own money. Unless it is monitored by the board, the board could be liable for information even with nono-sanctioning statements. 9. NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY, DEC. 5^TH ,2006, 6 PM 10. ADJOURNMENT: 8:32 pm